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Procedures for cataract, vitreous retina, glaucoma surgery, etc.

(1) Date of surgery decision

Schedule your surgery with your doctor.

We will draw blood and provide administrative explanations.

②Surgery explanation day

Preoperative tests: Tests will be performed in preparation for surgery.

Surgery explanation: The doctor will give you a detailed explanation of the surgery.

​Surgery information: Staff will provide administrative guidance for the surgery.

③Surgery date

Please have a light lunch and arrive at the hospital by the designated time.

You will be given eye drops before the surgery.

After the surgery, you will go home wearing an eye patch on the operated eye. If you are unsure about your feet, please come to the hospital with a companion.

If you are not feeling well after the surgery, you can go home after paying the bill.

④The day after surgery

There will be post-operative examinations and medical examinations.

Subsequent consultation dates will vary depending on the nature of the surgery and the postoperative course.

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