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Vitreous surgery

Although it is usually performed in the hospital, all operations are performed on a day trip (outpatient) at our hospital.

Since the hospital opened, many people have undergone surgery on a day trip (outpatient).

Except for those who need prone position for treatment such as retinal detachment and macular hole, we take the latest precautions to avoid prone position and rest as much as possible.

By using a wide-angle observation system and small incision vitrectomy, we aim to shorten the operation time and reduce complications during and after the operation, and aim for a pain-free operation with less strain on the eyes.

With the experience and technology cultivated in about 10,000 vitreous surgery so far, we will handle all kinds of surgery, give a solid explanation, and try to have the surgery with peace of mind.

In addition, it also supports retinal repositioning and retinal photocoagulation.


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